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Avex Recital Series returns to Wigmore Hall for three recitals presenting the best of Japanese young talent

Monday 27 March 2017

  • Nobuyuki Tsujii, piano – Saturday 1 April 2017 1:00PM
  • Fumiaki Miura, violin; Itamar Golan, piano – Saturday 17 June 2017 1:00PM
  • Daishin Kashimoto, violin; Alessio Bax, piano – Saturday 22 July 2017 1:00PM


Avex Classics International (ACI) are delighted to announce the presentation of their second Avex Recital Series at London’s iconic Wigmore Hall in April, June and July 2017, featuring three of Japan’s leading classical artists – Nobuyuki Tsujii, Fumiaki Miura and Daishin Kashimoto.

The Avex Recital Series presents leading young Japanese artists to London audiences as part of ACI’s commitment to nurturing young talent by giving them a platform outside of their native country and facilitating an exciting and engaging concert experience for both artist and audience.

ACI is a division of Japan’s leading entertainment business, the Avex Group. Operating at the cutting-edge of live classical entertainment, ACI brings cinematic masterpieces to life by placing soundtracks front and centre as well as producing original theatrical and musical content.

The first of the three Saturday lunchtime concerts in the Avex Recital Series 2017 features pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii (Nobu) who returns after his sold out performance last year in the series. Nobu, who has been blind from birth, won the joint Gold Medal at the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in 2009 and has gone on to earn an international reputation for the passion and excitement he brings to his live performances. He performs Bach’s Italian Concerto and sonatas by Mozart and Beethoven.

The second features violinist Fumiaki Miura, the youngest ever winner of the 2009 Joseph Joachim Hannover International Violin Competition and pianist Itamar Golan, with a programme including works by Dvořák, Stravinsky and Beethoven. Miura performs on a violin by J.B. Guadagnini (1748) on loan from Yellow Angel Foundation.

The final recital in the series features violinist Daishin Kashimoto, the First Concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic since 2010, and pianist Alessio Bax, with a programme including works by Mozart, Szymanowski and Grieg. Kashimoto plays on a violin made by Andrea Guarneri, 1674.

Mio Kobayashi at Avex Classics International, says:

“As part of Japan’s largest entertainment company, Avex Classics International is committed to nurturing the best young musician talent and giving them an international platform. Giving audiences musical experiences, from the intimate recital to huge multimedia presentations, defines Avex Classics International’s unique role in engaging audiences of all ages and nationalities in the unique power that defines the best musical performances and musicians. Our return to Wigmore Hall demonstrates the best of young Japanese talent and we’re delighted to be back at this great hall.”

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